About us


Base Camp was created in 2011 as a very small business and one of the few companies of its type in Cape Town. Determination was made to blow up the infinite possibilities and magnificence of the Bedouin Tent, and provide clients with the opportunity to create unique and unforgettable event venues, anywhere. Base Camp started growing in every basic aspect of a serious business, raising capital to increase stock and variety in tent colours and sizes, establishing on an adequate warehouse, acquiring a reliable teamwork and equipment for the manufacturing of tents, creating endurable relationships with fabric suppliers, other tent and event companies, and most importantly: building our big family clients. This Corporate has gained plenty experiences for 5 years, overcame many challenges, develop the solid believe in persistence and improvement, participated in many type of events. Our focus now is on reinforcing the company structure, in order to expand our services to a wider range of solutions and have more happy and satisfied clients as end result.
We have affordable solutions for any client and we endeavour to meet our clients where they need us, to make their occasion happen. We deal live with every client to understand what they want and what they need and ensure a good value for money. Most popular tent colours are beige, grey and white. We offer free site visits in order to help our clients visualize an early solution and take right decisions. As additional services to the Bedouin Tents, offer lighting, shade cloths, umbrellas, gas heaters, ottomans, couches, tables and chairs, dance floors, stage, floor mats, blinds, logo printing, 3D Visualization, and we can connect our clients with experienced event and catering companies to complete any possible desired package.