Repair Tent


Have you bought a Base Camp Tent in the past or got it from someone else? Every Tent that is set up for a long period of time will require to be repaired. Any damage can occur to the tent due to exposition to the elements, flying or nearby objects, extra tension, low tension, or other reasons.
• Get our team visit and assess your tent regularly to ensure it can retain a good standard.
• If your tent is already damaged we will be able to repair it for you.
• Breakdown, pick up, delivery and setup can be included in this service if you require.
• Lose seaming can be reinforced and re-sewed.
• If your tent has holes in the fabric we will be able to weld or sew patches to it conveniently.
• Panel replacement can be also be performed to your tent if necessary.
• If you have a damaged big tent and you don’t want to lose it, you may wish to make smaller tents out of it, and still be able to take advantage of your investment for a longer period of time and in a different manner.
• Wooden poles supporting your Tent can be also brought across to be repaired. We will polish them and apply burnish upon request.
• Rubber heads and pole bases to be replaced f needed and requested.
• Convenient for THOSE WHO ALREADY OWN A BEDOUIN TENT, Your Tent can either be installed up or stored and still require this service.
• Our Client Manager will call you back to obtain all necessary information to provide you with this service.
• Your quotation for this service will follow immediately, reflecting all your specifications.