What is a stretch tent?

A stretch tent is a flat plane of stretch material (usually square or rectangular), anchored at four corners and rigged under tension. Poles are driven into the fabric in an upright position. This gives the tent its structural integrity and allows the tent to be shaped and styled to suit the area. Once this is achieved, you then have the option of taking either one, two or three corners to the ground, depending on weather conditions such as wind and/or rain direction.

What are the non-fabric components of a stretch tent?

Aluminium poles of differing lengths, ropes and pegs with specialist equipment including pole stands and pole caps.

What is a stretch tent made of?

This is a three-ply laminated product that is designed for outdoor stretch tenting. This product exhibits very good stretch and recovery properties. The product is waterproofed by sandwiching a polyurethane membrane between two knitted fabrics. By using a PU membrane instead of a PVC film, the elongation and recoverability is improved. However, the waterproofing performance of a PVC film is superior.

INTENDED USE Outdoor Stretch Tenting, Bedouin tents

BENEFITS Water/Oil Repellent / UV Resistant / Waterproof / Anti-Fungal

What is the best fabric for a stretch tent?


How long does it take to setup a tent?

Setup can takes +/- 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the tent

Are stretch tents waterproof?

100%! RHI stretch tents are made to endure the most extreme weather conditions, come rain or shine.

Can I brand my tent?

Short answer is yes.

How do I clean a stain or dirty tent?

Give Base Camp a call or an email for information.

How do I repair a damage tent?

Give Base Camp a call or an email for information.

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