Repair Tent


There is always wear and tear that will occur on your tent if it is used frequently or even not so frequently. Prepare to budget for the repair of your tent somewhere down the line. Damage can occur due to extreme weather conditions, wear and tear as well as accidental damage and vandalism. Repairing any damages as soon as they occur is essential to maintaining the condition of your tent and ensure that is lasts you a longer time. So repair any damages immediately to prevent them from becoming worst and in turn costing you more than one would anticipate.
  • our team will come out and assess your tent regularly if needed
  • already damaged tents are repairable by us regardless of where you have purchased it
  • loose seams and holes can either be sewed or patched up
  • panel replacements available
  • if you have a large tent that is badly damaged we are able to make a smaller tent from it so that you do not end up losing your entire investment
  • rubber heads and pole bases can be replaced if necessary

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