How to calculate your tent size

How to calculate your tent size

Defining what tent size you need is one of the most crucial factors during the planning process for your event. One, because it is related with the amount of guests that you will be able to host and what they will be doing, and second, because its size will also influence the cost of hiring or buying the tent.

So, how do you sort out this equation and have peace of mind? Let the experts guide you on this quest.

There is actually two ways to look at this:

  1. Knowing the number of guests, how to determine your Tent Size.
  2. Knowing the Tent Size, how to determine how many guests the tent will accommodate.

In this article we will cover the first way to look at it, because the majority of the requests for tent hiring come with this question: What size Tent do I need for X amount of people?

How many guests do you want to host?

If the actual area where your event will take place is limited by its size, or it is a small area, then that’s pretty much it, it will be as easy as taking the measurements of the area, length and width, and you are done. In that case you must be ready and know that the amount of guests will be limited not because of the tent size, but because of the available area itself.

If that is not the case and you have a considerably big area, of which you want to cover a portion with the Bedouin Tent, then you will be able to start the quest with how many people you are expecting.

What will be the seating arrangement under the tent?

Once this is determined, immediately you have to incorporate this element to the equation: How do you want to accommodate your guests under the tent? This speaks to the seating arrangement you are planning to work with, because the same amount of people do not occupy the same space if they are standing, if they are seating in a theatre or if they are seating in a lounge area.

According to our experience, there are 5 sitting arrangements that are often used under our Stretch Tents:

  • Free Standing (People will be free standing and walking around the area).
  • Cocktail Tables (People will be free standing and there will be a few cocktail tables available for drinks and glasses, and even a few high chairs around).
  • Round Tables (People will be seating on round tables, usually to have a meal).
  • Cinema Style (People will be seating alongside each other in rows, the same they seat on a theater or cinema).
  • Lounge Style (Usually VIP areas are setup as lounges, providing the maximum comfort to the guests by using couches, coffee tables, ottomans, chairs and other decor & furniture).

Most probably, you will be able to match the seating arrangements that you have in mind with one of the above options.

Having defined the above, you can just have a look at the following Guide that shows approximately what area you need to cover according to the amount of guests and the seating arrangement:



10 10 12 15 6 20
30 30 36 45 18 60
50 50 60 75 30 100
100 100 120 150 60 200
150 150 180 225 90 300
200 200 240 300 120 400
250 250 300 375 150 500
300 300 360 450 180 600
350 350 420 525 210 700
400 400 480 600 240 800
450 450 540 675 270 900
500 500 600 750 300 1000
550 550 660 825 330 1100
600 600 720 900 360


Once you know what area you need to cover in square meters, it will be really easy to determine the required tent size. If you need assistance with this you can contact our office to check the availability of tent sizes according to the area that they cover.


Do you need to provide covered space for extra facilities?

If you need to have extra facilities such as buffet tables, stage or dance floors under covered, obviously this will demand additional area. Add this area in square meters to the selected area above. Please consider that there is a space needed around these extra facilities, i.e. there will be people standing around buffet tables, stages or dance floors. We recommend to contemplate a distance of 1 to 1.5m around these elements in order to calculate this additional area.

Are you worried about the weather conditions?

If you know it might be rainy on the day of your event and you want to protect your guests, giving them security and comfort, it will be necessary to use a slightly bigger tent, so that the sides of the tent can be dropped down and you can still use the predicted original area while protecting your invitees from the elements.

We trust that this article has helped you. To REQUEST A QUOTE or VERIFY YOUR REQUIRED TENT SIZE, please call our office (072 305 5709 or 021 934 9500) or DROP US A MESSAGE with your contact details and we will gladly assist you to complete your quest.

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