If you are a frequent stretch tent hirer, you will already be aware of the factors that come into play; how it works, and the price range you are looking for depending on the unique requirements.

If that’s not the case and you have no idea about how much it will cost to rent a tent, then you will find this post very informative.

EVENT: What type of event are you going to hold? Is it a Corporate Event? A Wedding? Sport Event? Birthday or a simple Home Party? Whatever the occasion is you need to determine what venue you will be using and envision a specific spot on that venue to prepare the scene. What is also essential will be knowing how many guests you are planning to host and what will be the seating arrangement. Depending on whether your visitors are going to be standing, seated around tables or cocktail tables, cinema style, lounge sets or any other, you can determine the space that you need to cover.

SIZE: Once you know the area that you will be utilizing you can measure it and determine the stretch tent size(s) you need. Bigger size stretch tents lead to higher prices, and small sizes will be cheaper. Always bear in mind that the comfort of your guests is key for the success of the event, so, choose the right size!

If you feel the above aspects are too much to plan around, no need to stress as our experts are more than willing to do this for you at no charge. Book a FREE SITE VISIT and we will advise you on the correct size!

COLOUR: There are different colours that you can choose from. Common colours (beige, red, grey, green, black) are charged under the same rates. White though, will be a bit more pricy due to the additional dedicated effort required to keep it clean; as well as the glamour that they can add to your event.

Other very specific colours, where special orders to suppliers need to be placed, could also be more expensive.

SEASON: Any outdoor activity is influenced by the season and the most likely weather conditions. Therefore, the rates of hiring a stretch tent will also follow that flow, to help you make it happen. Planning an event in winter? No stress. Our tents are waterproof!

SETUP AND BREAKDOWN DAYS AND TIME: Labour costs need to be covered on the quote. Setup and breakdown over weekends, after hours or public holidays are payable at higher rates, although we always try to make provision to arrange this services during normal working hours and help you save on these additional costs.

DISTANCE: The location of the event will determine the delivery fee, taking into consideration that the tent needs to be transported to the venue and collected as well.

TO REQUEST A QUOTE, please try to have all this information handy and we will speed up the process for you.

Otherwise, if there are aspects that you haven’t determined yet, we can give you an estimated quotation.

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Defining what tent size you need is one of the most crucial factors during the planning process for your event. One, because it is related with the amount of guests that you will be able to host and what they will be doing, and second, because its size will also influence the cost of hiring or buying the tent.